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Patients in Philadelphia come to Dr. Harry Trust, who offers state of the art surgical and non-surgical plastic surgery solutions. Dr. Trust is a prominent plastic surgeon in Philadelphia who specializes in solutions such as breast augmentation, liposuction, tummy tuck, facelift, body lift, and mommy makeover.

Dr. Harry Trust, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Trust is a board certified plastic surgeon in the Philadelphia area. As a board certified surgeon, Dr. Trust provides safe and successful surgeries with the highest level of knowledge and expertise. The objective of Board Certified surgeons is to encourage safe and ethical plastic surgery procedures and uphold the highest standards of education and examination to ensure the patient a very safe and successful surgery. Dr. Trust is committed to your safety and satisfaction when it comes to his plastic surgery procedures.

Philadelphia Breast Procedures

Many women (and some men) are unhappy with the look or feel of their breasts. Some may be too small or too saggy, while others may be too large or misshapen. Breast augmentation and breast lift are two procedures Dr. Trust specializes in to help improve the look of your breasts. Breast augmentation is the enhancement of the breasts using implants. This surgery is very popular in women who want a fuller, curvier looking body. Breast lift is when the breast tissue is moved to a higher position on the chest for a younger, perkier look and feel. Dr. Trust can also perform a male breast reduction (gynecomastia) for men who have larger breasts than normal and want to reduce the size by removing fatty tissue in the breasts.

Philadelphia Body Procedures

There are few people who are 100 percent happy with the way their body looks, so there are many surgeries that can help your body look more toned and firm. Liposuction is a popular procedure for those looking to eliminate excess fat or skin that diet and exercise can’t get rid of. By removing fat through small incisions using a thin metal tube connected to a suction machine, Dr. Trust can sculpt your body and create a better proportion and silhouette. Other body surgeries that Dr. Trust performs are tummy tuck (the removal of fat in the abdomen), body lift (lifting and tightening of the thigh and buttocks), and mommy makeover, which is especially designed for new mothers to help get their bodies back to pre-pregnancy form.

Face Procedures

Dr. Trust can take years off your look with several facial procedures in Philadelphia like facelift, rhinoplasty, brow lift, lip enhancement and more. A facelift tightens your entire face and eliminates wrinkles, giving your face a very young and refreshing look. For those who don’t want and entire facelift, a brow lift can also create a more refreshed look by lifting the brow to reduce sagging and wrinkles. Rhinoplasty, or nose job, reshapes the nose to reduce the size or get rid of a large hump that makes the nose look larger. For those looking to improve the look of their face, Dr. Trust can find the perfect plastic surgery procedure in Philadelphia for you.

For more information on these and many other procedures, please contact our Philadelphia plastic surgery center to set up a consultation.